Solentra - Solidariteit en Trauma
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Solentra provides assistance to social workers, migrant & refugee children and victims of trauma related difficulties. Three types of consultations are foreseen:
Community based consultations
Solentra provides assistance whenever mental health difficulties have been reported within a child. More specifically, the organisation will  intervene in a situation where counsellors/the school have detected  indications of psychological difficulties and parents seem to stay inert in finding solutions for the child. Recognising and acknowledging the existence of psychological difficulties is a challenging topic in many cultures.
Solentra’s knowhow can be of added value on the following themes:

A dialogue between parents and counsellors will be fostered during these consultations. These meetings will take place ‘in’ the actual community in the presence of an interpreter and/or etnopsychologist.
Transcultural consultations
These consultations take place at our offices. Diagnostic and therapeutic support will be offered in accordance to the cultural background of the child. Working with interpreters is an essential part of our modus operandi, as we believe that children (and their families) can only be offered the best psychological treatment in their mother tongue.
Our diagnostic assessment entail multiple tests/questionnaires/ assignments:

These consultations are foreseen for children and adolescents (0-18years), regardless of their cultural background, whether they have been victim or have witnessed traumatic events (e.g. rape, car accident, murder, violence, social violence...). Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Psychotherapy du trauma reassociative (PTR) are used in the treatment. These are essential psychotherapeutic methods that take part in our broader treatment plan.