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Formation of lawyers in the Democratic Republic of Congo: psychological assistance to victims and those who have been accused of international crimes. The following topics are: the psychology of victims, witnesses and accused and the need for protection
Supervisor: Francine Dal
Period: October 2006
Client: Mèdecins sans Frontières / Artsen zonder Grenzen
Los Meniños: exchange program targeting marginalized families and problematic educational situations.
Team: Katrien Vanfraussen and Geertrui Serneels
Period : 9-13 march 2009
Client: This organization provides support to families with children in a problematic educational situation. The services entail preventive psychosocial and therapeutic counselling of these families, but can also include foster placement or adoption. An exchange of methodologies and best practices between the participants are exemplary for the range of activities held.
Expert round table N° 2 – Different People – Different Needs: exchange of experiences (in practice), discussions on possible cooperation models for care
Mentor: Geertrui Serneels
Period: July 2009
Client: UNCHR, International Organisation for Migration and the International federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies