Solentra - Solidariteit en Trauma
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UZBrussel, Department psychiatry Infants, Children and adolescents (PAika)

Solentra vzw originates from Paika and is still closely connected to it in her operation. Privileged referrals take place. Dr. A Lampo, Head of the PAika department, is also Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Solentra and supervisor of the team.
VUB, Department Clinical & Curriculum Psychology

For research purposes Solentra works in close collaboration with Prof. Dr. Johan Vanderfaeillie
Steunpunt Cultuursensitieve Zorg-CGG Brussels

Concerning the project Zorg in Kleur II, Steunpunt Cultuursensitieve Zorg is a privileged partner for referrals, supervision and exchange of experience.

Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen

Solentra is a member of the general assembly of the Flemish Refugee organisation Flanders and currently uses its consultation space in Mechelen.