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- “De zorg kleurt… buiten de grenzen.” Clinical Psychology - Care takers, educational staff and parents work together to improve the well-being of migrant children.
Summary: This article sums up the clinical experiences drawn from community-based and etnopsychiatric consultations with immigrant children (and their families) in their educational context.
Authors: Katrien Vanfraussen, Geertrui Serneels, Annik Lampo.
Published: Tijdschrift Klinische Psychology, 41ste jaargang

- Psychological consequences of detention on children’s wellbeing

Summary: This contribution in the Children's Forum, we describe the impact of detention in closed centres on children
Authors: Hilde Smits, Geertrui Serneels, Annik Lampo
Published: Kinderrechtenforum nr 4 , 2007
- The Cultural Interview (Rohlof H.), interview taken from twelve Unaccompanied Foreign minors. 

- Qualitative Research group therapy sessions for Unaccompanied Foreign Minors, in collaboration with prof. Valentin Escudero, University of La Coruña and the director of the Family Intervention Research (ongoing

- Qualitative research on communication within traumatized  refugee families (ongoing)