Solentra - Solidariteit en Trauma
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The idea behind SOLENTRA

Solentra is an abbreviation for “Solidarity & Trauma”. Our organisation was founded by Paika, the department of psychiatry for infants, children and adolescents of UZ Brussels (University Hospital). Solentra provides diagnostic and therapeutic support to:

Increasing  the accessibility and efficiency of the psychosocial care system for our target group has been (and still is) one of our main objectives. One of our main instruments is PACCT® (Psychiatry Assisting the Cultural diverse Community in creating healing Ties): a methodology specifically designed to meet the (psychological) needs of our target group.
Finding one’s path within our psychosocial care system is a challenging task for both social workers and migrant families. Cultural hindrances such as the unfamiliarity with the (multiple foreign) languages, social – economic obstacles, etc. diminish the chances of migrant families to find adequate (psychological) care. The children of these families – as they have been deprived of many developmental chances - are the most vulnerable persons in this regard.
Migration and having to adapt to a new cultural environment are stressing factors that can leave its footprints on the following generations. Migrant children often grow up in two completely different cultural settings, namely the one from the country of origin and the one from the host country. Combining the cultural differences between these settings imply an additional developmental task for many migrant children.
Strengthening and broadening the social networks of migrant families are one of the main goals of the organisation. This can be achieved through: