Solentra - Solidariteit en Trauma
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Zorg in Kleur (VGC)

In reality, childpsychiatric care is often inaccessible to migrant children and their families. Though psychological problems are even likely to present themselves within these groups, migrant children do not seem to access the assistance and care that they are entitled to (we stress the importance of the Right to Mental Health).
Who is entitled to our free services?
Since November 2011 Solentra offers their insights to all Dutch speaking aid-organizations and educational staff within the region of Brussels. We provide support to those organisations who encounter difficulties in their  work with migrant children. In the area of children’s emotional, behavioural and/or learning wellbeing, particularly whenever these difficulties have not yet been recognised or acknowledged by their families.

Project supervisor: Julia Villanueva
This project includes free:

This project is funded with the support from Vlaamse Gemeenchapscommissie