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Register a client

Solentra offers specialised psychological care. It is therefore not possible for clients to make an appointment directly. Registration can only be done by a healthcare or service provider (GP, psychiatrist, social worker, CLB employee, etc.) using the registration form below.

Help desk

A senior trauma psychologist holds consultations for care providers every weekday before noon. Please send us all relevant details about your inquiry or case, so we can get back to you faster. We will contact you with more information within 24 hours (except on weekends).


Who can register new clients at Solentra? Where do consultations take place? How much does a therapy session cost? Find a quick answer to all your practical questions in our FAQ.

Solentra in a language your client understands

Not everyone speaks English, French or Dutch fluently. That is why we also briefly introduce Solentra in our clients’ most common languages.