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With the support ofEuropean Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF)
Public Planning Service for Social Integration

For whom?

Public Centres for Social Welfare (PCSWs) and their partners are often the first support agencies approached by refugees and other newcomers from third countries. These training courses provide their social workers and care providers with the knowledge and tools to:

  • recognise and address psychosocial problems caused by migration and trauma at an early stage
  • work in a culturally sensitive and integration-facilitating manner
  • promote the resilience of clients
  • deal with difficult situations with more self-confidence
  • refer the client in a timely and adequate manner if serious mental disorders are detected.


These training courses are free of charge for employees, trainees and volunteers of PCSWs and their partner organisations that help them in counseling newcomers from third countries. This offer is made possible by the financial support of the European Fund for Asylum, Migration and Integration (AMIF) and the PPS Social Integration.