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Ukrainian refugees (children, youngsters and adults) and professional/voluntary support workers counselling them.


In February 2022, the war in Ukraine led to a refugee crisis. An unprecedented number of people fled to Europe. More than 60,000 Ukrainians applied for residency status in Belgium.

Solentra immediately expanded its team to include two Ukrainian psychologists to counsel Ukrainian refugees in their own language. Our offer includes individual or group sessions, from a few stress reduction sessions to specialised therapy for severe psychological disorders.


Olga: “Talking out loud helps”

Olga: “Talking out loud helps”

I really enjoyed talking to you during the stress reduction therapy. You are very good at supporting, calming and advising. I found that talking out loud helps. After our session, I signed up for a language course and started gathering more information about work opportunities. I react more calmly now to the fact that I will probably have to do a different job than the one I did before. Thank you so much for your help.

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