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Digital expo: Covid-19 through the lens of young refugees and migrants

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly affected the public’s mental health worldwide. It also added a new layer of collective trauma to the lives of young refugees and migrants in Belgium. Solentra therefore encouraged them to express themselves through the art of photography.

The expo RE-IMAGINE exhibits the photographs and stories of 29 talented youngsters. Following the main theme of “One’s experience during the pandemic”, the photographers chose to tackle various topics such as fear, solitude, peace of mind, family and many more.

With a creative team from Globe Aroma and curators Gaëlle Khalife and Deborah Ephrem, the youngsters set out to find a form to present their photos and stories to a wider audience.

Does your organisation or school wish to host this expo? Let us know:

This project came about with the support of the King Baudouin Foundation (UCB Fund), Globe Aroma and Pianofabriek.



Monuments of struggle and security

Surrounded by isolation



Oxygen is green


Free like a fish in a bowl