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LocationFlanders and Brussels
PartnersThomas More
ELZ Maasland
With the support ofKing Baudouin Foundation

For whom?

The online decision targets:

  • frontline professionals in Flanders and Brussels who deal with children with a refugee background: GPs, frontline psychologists, guardians, CLB, OCMW, CAW, social workers …
  • parents or caregivers.
Combining the screening of developmental trauma in a migration context with training is unprecedented in Flanders. By providing online and offline support simultaneously, we also save time and resources in the mental health sector. – Benji Jame, clinical psychologist


Many caregivers find it difficult to distinguish between developmental trauma and a normal stress reaction to migration in children with a refugee background. Our online decision aid presents them with the right questions about their client to recognise developmental trauma and address it in a culture sensitive way.

The tool also allows frontline actors to brush up their knowledge on developmental trauma thanks to the many information blocks and tips. This will help them better assess what support they can offer themselves and when referrals are required.