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With the support ofDaniel De Coninck Fund managed by the King Baudouin Foundation

For whom?

The project ‘Re-Connection: Growing together in a caring and connected community’ targets:

  • families with a refugee or migration background
  • organisations and social workers supporting families with a refugee or migration background.


Primary care organisations often lack the skills to support parents from different cultural backgrounds in a culture- and trauma-sensitive way. Often, there are complex problems or trauma, especially in the case of refugee families. This not only requires support workers to take up new skills, but also demands certain adjustments on the organisational level.

In this participatory process, Solentra builds the capacity of organisations to provide appropriate and effective care and guidance to this target group.


During group sessions, we invite parents to voice their concerns on parenting issues they are facing. In previous sessions, we explored what it means to raise young children outside their native country with a group of Arabic-speaking mothers who recently migrated or fled to Belgium.

The group sessions are guided in a culture- and trauma-sensitive way by a Solentra therapist, a researcher and an interpreter. Based on the parents’ recommendations, primary care organisations and local authorities can better adapt their services to the existing needs. They can also work in a more culture- and trauma-sensitive way.

We also organise community-based consultations, during which a social worker and their client formulate a request for help together with a therapist and interpreter in search for a solution that is supported by all.