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Call-in for care professionals

Do you have patients or clients with a refugee background who are struggling with a serious psychological or psychiatric problem? Are you looking for support? You can request a clinical assessment with one of our transcultural psychologists and an interpreter.

For whom?

Our call-in offer is intended for care professionals in (mental) healthcare, hospitals, outpatient facilities and GP practices. Are you not a healthcare professional and still need support? Then please contact our free helpdesk for professionals.


During a consultation, a specialised transcultural psychologist and interpreter will offer support through a video call.


We find that healthcare providers often look at symptoms without taking their patients’ flight and migration context into account. However, many psychological problems in refugees are related to this very context. For a correct diagnosis and effective intervention, it is therefore important to know the context. This requires language, a transcultural psychiatric perspective and knowledge of migration psychology.

With a call-in, we help healthcare professionals ask specific questions about the flight and migration context of their patients. Are they going through an asylum procedure? Who did they leave behind in their country? What invisible loyalties are at play? Why do they seek psychological help when this is not the norm in their country of origin? In doing so, Solentra wants to help ensure high quality, transcultural psychological care for refugees.

Request a call-in

Contact us for a call-in on 0483 08 47 60. We will arrange a video link, interpreter and psychologist within two working days.

Call-In is an initiative of Solentra, CGG Kohesi and Ligant.