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LocationBrussels-Capital Region
With the support ofBrussels-Capital Region

For whom?

  • People with a refugee background struggling with war trauma or other migration-related mental health conditions
  • Support workers supporting the above-mentioned target group. This includes support workers from various sectors, such as education, justice, security, integration, employment, social welfare, child & family, care & health, and asylum & migration.


Healthcare institutions do not sufficiently reach people with a refugee or migration background due to various barriers. Often, the target group is not yet able to formulate a request for help itself or does not see therapy as a solution. The existing offer is also not sufficiently diverse and trauma-sensitive for this target group due to a lack of expertise in migration problems and/or war trauma. When they do request help, they risk ending up on a long waiting list.

To contribute to a more effective and qualitative care offer for our target group, Solentra provides:

  • trauma treatment and therapy for people with a refugee or migration background
  • trainings and other types of capacity training for social workers and integration actors working with the target group.