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With the support ofOCMW Antwerp

For whom?

Psychological trauma treatment for:

  • adults and unaccompanied minors with a refugee background who are being counselled by the city of Antwerp
  • recognised refugee children attending school in Antwerp.

This project also provides primary mental health support for young people (12-24).

All support workers of the city of Antwerp who guide this target group towards work, education or integration are also eligible for capacity building through this project. Employees of the city of Antwerp, Atlas and OKAN can access Solentra’s helpdesk.


The city of Antwerp strives to empower people to be active and self-reliant citizens by proactively referring those who are struggling to the relevant social services. This project promotes the self-reliance of newcomers by focusing on preventing and detecting psychological problems early on, especially trauma. Refugees’ strengths and resilience are at the base of it.

In order to contribute to a more accessible, effective and qualitative care offer for our target group, Solentra provides:

  • (trauma) treatment and therapy
  • individual or group sessions for young people (12-24) with emotional problems affecting their mental well-being, possibly in preparation for more specialised treatment (pre-therapy)
  • capacity building of professional counsellors and integration actors working with people with a refugee background.


Client: “I found hope again”

Client: “I found hope again”

I suffered from insomnia, nightmares and recurring thoughts. Solentra taught me to deal with my anxiety. Now, I have hope again.

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